Enclosed Transport

One of the most asked questions in the auto shipping business is what’s the difference between open and enclosed car shipping.

Open Transport

The main difference between the two is the type of truck used for transport. Open car transport is the typical car carrier you see on the roads with an upper and lower deck. These vehicles are exposed to the weather elements, dirt & debris. This is perfectly fine for most cars and is a cheaper alternative to enclosed car shipping. Open transport is also more popular and your transit time will be less from pick up to destination points as there are more open car carriers available than enclosed shippers. Our open transport drivers are highly trained to keep your car safe and on-time.

Enclosed Transport


The other option is using a enclosed car carrier. This is usually best suited for high value cars, classic cars, antique automobiles and exotic cars. When choosing an enclosed transport shipping the truck is completely enclosed and the vehicle is protected from weather, dust & road debri. Enclosed car shipping does cost more but protects vehicles more. Our enclosed transporters are highly trained to make sure these high end vehicles arrive safely and on time and take great care & pride in their work and your satisfaction.

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